The first step to whitening your teeth is maintain great oral health!

Imagine if you just did a strip or gel treatment without brushing and flossing regularly.  It would look pretty ridiculous to have white teeth, but rotting gums.  Therefore, you need to maintain a healthy smile to make a great first impression or to go out on that first date, you need to take care of the smile that you naturally have.

  1. Soft bristle tooth brushes are our friend.  You may think that a hard bristle brush may reduce the amount of plaque buildup by being so abrasive, but the gums are too tender to withstand something so abrasive on a daily basis.
  2. Replace your tooth brush every 2-3 months.
  3. Adopt a pattern of brushing where you brush up, down, side to side, inside, outside and your tongue.  Develop this habit and use the same pattern every time you brush your teeth.
  4. Brushing your tongue will also keep unnecessary bacteria from breeding and causing bad breath.
  5. Brush at the very least twice a day.  In the morning, you should brush before you eat, eliminating the morning breath and cleaning your teeth to start the day.  At night, brush your teeth before you go to bed, which will prevent your teeth from building up germs and bacteria overnight.
  6. Flossing is what trips up many people.  But it gets the “gunk” out from between your teeth, it’s great to preserve healthy gums and whitens your smile between your teeth, where strip treatments often miss.
  7. Don’t brush vigorously, as this may cause damage to your gums.  Brush for 1-3 minutes, but no longer as this could cause damage.
  8. Schedule and attend two or three appointments with your friendly local dentist, who will be able to clean your teeth and check for any damage to your teeth, and diseases that may be lurking in your mouth and will be able to further advise about teeth whiteners and better oral hygiene.
  9. Avoid smoking and drinking.  Your teeth and body will thank you for it!
  10. Also, check out some great teeth whitening treatments as an added bonus to keep your teeth white and healthy.

If you have questions about your oral health, ask a dentist, who will be able to tell you about the best ways to keep your mouth healthy.