Taking the mystery out of the teeth whitening procedure will make the entire process a little less painful for everyone involved. Some procedures are easier than others but most of them involve very little pain and some of them can deliver pretty big results. The more involved the procedure, in general, the more immediately noticeable the results will be. Of course, the costs involved rise with the more complicated procedures for whitening teeth as well. Whether you decide to go with the super simple do it yourself kits or some of the more complicated tooth painting kits or even something as simple as whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes, and even gum there is sure to be a kit that matches your smile brightening style.

The teeth whitening procedure for painting teeth isn’t nearly as complicated as it sounds. The first word of caution is that you need to read all the instructions for your particular kit very carefully before you do anything. Reading all the instructions from the start may save you from embarrassing white streaks in your teeth or uneven tooth color during the time between the first application and when you can safely do another. Paint your teeth carefully and allow to set for the recommended time frame for the level of whiteness you hope to achieve.

What is the teeth whitening procedure for tooth whitening toothpaste? Oddly enough it’s the same as using ordinary toothpaste in most cases. You brush your teeth as normal and rinse your mouth well afterwards. You will still need to floss and use mouthwash as normal. This simply replaces your ordinary toothpaste with a different brand designed to slowly whiten your smile with continued use. The longer you use these products, the better the results will be. Many of these products actually have a guide on the box so that you can measure your progress over time.

Is there anything special about the teeth whitening procedure for tray kits? Believe it or not, these are some of the simplest of all the kits to use. You apply the proper amount of gel or whitening agent into the tray, bite, and hold for the recommended amount of time. Some products request that you leave the product on longer for a whiter smile while others strongly recommend against that as the whitening agent in the product may damage teeth with too much exposure so be sure to read all the instructions before using.