Teeth Whitening trays are clear plastic trays in which the user puts a bleaching gel, which is generally a solution of 10% carbamide peroxide whitener or hydrogen peroxide whitener, and the user places them over the teeth for several hours, or overnight as the case may be. Dentist offices often give them to patients, where the tray is custom fitted to cover the user’s teeth snugly.  In terms of bleaching, dentists often recommend trays more than any other method of bleaching.

Teeth Whitener Trays also often come with syringes to insert the right amount of the teeth whitening gel evenly over the bottom and top of your tray. These syringes are generally not “sharps” and won’t cause any harm. Just fill the syringe the the recommended dose of teeth whitening gel and there you have it.

There are some disadvantages to using a teeth whitener tray system as opposed to strips, pens, or light activated whitening systems. First of all, the trays are cumbersome and interfere with normal activities, more so than strips or pens. They must be worn for anywhere between 20 minutes to several hours, during which you cannot eat, drink, or talk. In most work environments, these obviously cannot be applied, so it is necessary to do so while you are at home. Second, the gels can make a mess if they are not cared for properly. A friend of mine slipped a tube of whitening gel in his back pocket before a flight, because he had already checked his bags and his carry-on was full. He inserted the gel while he was waiting for his plane. Well, he sat down and there went his gel all over the seat and the back of his pants!

Since a vast majority of tray whitening procedures are done at home without dentist supervision, one must make sure that the solution is not only safe, but effective.  Ask your dentist when you are considering purchasing a whitening product. Then you will know for certain that your dentist approves of the treatment, and that is probably a safe bet for your teeth.

tooth whitening tray