There are two different types of teeth whitening systems.

First, you can schedule an appointment with a dentist for a teeth bleaching in-office session.  This is often costly, but it is, in some cases, safer and more effective than the alternative.  Usually, a laser whitening tool or a gel treatment are the types of systems that the dentist uses for whitening his patient’s smile. However, this is costly, when you consider the fact that you have to take off from work or classes, get to the dentist’s office and get your teeth whitened for an hour or two. While the result will most likely be effective and safe, it is hard to take care of your smile with a busy lifestyle. The result will be good, because not only does a dentist have a license to maintain that may be damaged by complaints against him, but he may not get recommended highly by his patient if the whitening is not up to par, so his reputation is at stake as well.

tray whitening system

The alternative is to go with a DIY home-teeth whitening system.  In this method, one of many teeth bleaching ingredients can be used, in a low concentration, worn over a length of time.  Hydrogen Peroxide is used in teeth whitening strips, while a different bleaching agent is used in trays.  Alternatively, there are pens, washes, and other methods to use.  The method that you choose is based on your lifestyle and the degree of whitening you want. If you need a drastically whiter smile, try teeth whitening bleaches and trays. If you want something that will do a less drastic job, or need to have the freedom of moving your mouth, try out teeth whitening strips. Of course if you feel like you need something you can take on the go, a teeth whitening pen is the best bet for you!

However, if you have any questions about the safety of a chemical that is used in a teeth whitener, then ask a professional!