The trouble with teeth whitening strips are that they can be compared to white washing a fence on one side only. If you only white wash the fence on the side facing the road, you will have an uneven color, as the sides of the individuals planks can be seen from the road as well, and it is unsightly when you are looking at it from the other side. Sure the front of the fence is clean, but what about the rest. Likewise with your teeth. If you are only interested in whitening the front, you can certainly use strips, but you may have some issues with the crevices between your teeth that will make your smile look uneven. The solution is to continue to brush and definitely floss every day to keep the crevices between your teeth look even with the fronts.

Teeth Whitener Strips are another product that can certainly improve your smile.  It is a relatively new method, in which the user places the strips over the teeth and then leaves them in for a proscribed treatment time.  Once that elapses, they can be removed and disposed of.  Teeth Whitener strips contain hydrogen peroxide bleaching agent on one side, which has a double effect of cleansing the teeth from certain bacteria. They have a great effect, if you are simply maintaining your teeth, but if you want to whiten your teeth drastically, a gel system would work better.

The advantage of strips over trays is that the strips leave comparably less mess, and the bleaching agent is already in the strips, so you don’t have to worry about putting too much or too little on your teeth. In short, teeth whitening strips are great if you are interested in whitening your teeth in a less drastic sense, or if you would like to perform touch ups every six months or so.

teeth whitening strips