1.  What are my options if I want to get my teeth whiter?
You have four general options

  • Go to a dentist’s office and get an in-office treatment.
  • Get a light activated “Laser” treatment device such as Zoom or BriteSmile.
  • Get strips or a gel kit.
  • Use a brush-on toothpaste or pen treatment

2.  Is it safe?

Generally speaking, yes.  If the product uses a standard chemical, with a standard concentration, there is little or no effect on the enamel or the gums.  Teeth bleaching solutions shouldn’t be used by pregnant or lactating women or by children.  If you have any questions about safety, no one is more qualified than your local dentist to answer your questions!

3.  How long does a whitening treatment last?

Generally, bleaching will last from four to six months, then do a touch-up with one or two treatments and it should continue to last.

4.  How long does it take to whiten teeth?

Results vary.  Generally the top range is 2 months, but some show results instantly, fade a little then have a beautiful whiteness that lasts after 2-3 days.

5.  What result does it have on veneers, caps, and bondings?

Bleaches will work only on natural tooth structure, not on the artificial dental work.  You may need to replace some of your dental work after your teeth are whitened.

6.  Should I avoid coffee/tea during/after the whitening process?

Yes.  It’s usually recommended to stay away from coffee and tea for 1 week after beginning your whitening process. For a coffee guy, myself, I hate giving up my morning java, but the results are definitely worth it!

7.  Will the results be the same for everyone?

No.  Results and the time it takes to get the desired results vary.  Some people reach an ideal shade after 2-3 days, but some people it takes a whole month to see results.