Teeth ID Pro is a revolutionary new way to get your perfect shade of teeth whitening. They have three different treatments for your teeth; what they do is ask you a few simple questions about your lifestyle and eating habits, and then they recommend the perfect treatment for your smile. So, not only is it an effective treatment, it is different from the one-size fits all treatments that are found elsewhere online.

I had read that TeethID Pro works like a charm, in fact, testers were found to have significantly whiter smiles within three days with a product like this. TeethID Pro has a formula that is 2.5x stronger than the leading brand of whitener strips. And it is far less expensive than going to the dentist for a laser teeth whitening treatment.

So, a friend of mine tried out their trial and said it worked great. He sent in a rebate form after he received the product and he couldn’t be happier with the results. Within a week, his smile was about five shades whiter. There was no issue with teeth sensitivity, and his teeth never looked better. He told me that the system worked just like it was meant to, they asked him questions about what he eats, whether or not he smoked, drank alcohol or coffee, and whether or not he has tried any other teeth whitener.

To make a long story short, his teeth are a great shade, now, he is pleased with the results and the fact that they were not just trying to sell him the most expensive product they had. His teeth are great and the dentist said that because he brushed and flossed daily, he had perfectly healthy teeth to go along with his great white teeth. There is a lot of teeth whitening power in TeethID Pro that can be harness to get your dingy yellowed teeth whiter.