Rembrandt is a well known teeth whitener product from Johnson & Johnson.  They manufacture toothpaste, mouthwashes, and also teeth whiteners.  They have several product lines, divided into two types, fast teeth whitening, and daily teeth whitening.

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Naturally, the fast teeth whitening systems  from Rembrandt are for quick whitening of teeth in as little as two hours.  The Two-Hour Whitening Kit is a gel kit with a tray applicator that guarantees results in two hours.  The steps are simple, just ensure that you are not doing anything for two hours that includes use of your mouth.  First, shape the patented ComfyTray applicator to fit your teeth and mouth shape. Next, fill the bottom of the tray with a thin layer of the gel, and apply to the teeth for 20 minutes, wash out your mouth and the tray with water.  Then, wait ten minutes.  Repeat this process until 2 hours has elapsed.

Another Fast Whitening product from Rembrandt is the Form-Fit Whitening Strips.  This is a patented teeth whitening strip that form fits your teeth from the gum line to the tip.  This process takes 5 days to complete, and it is a relatively good fit for the shape of the teeth.  You first prep your mouth by rinsing for 15 seconds before the application, then you apply the strip from the gum line to the tip and then a tab sticks to the back of the teeth.  Repeat the steps with another strip for the bottom layer.  These strips are to be left in the mouth for 30 minutes, then rinse your mouth for another 15 seconds, then remove the strips.  Rembrandt claims that the strips will clear even deep down intrinsic stains as well as the extrinsic stains on the enamel.

Generally, both of the aforementioned “Fast Teeth Whitening” products should be repeated every six months.

In the second category, the Daily Whitening, there are products that last when used daily.

The first is a somewhat unique tool, which is teeth whitening mouthwash, which freshens breath, but also whitens teeth with a peroxide formula.  The peroxide formula will bubble inside the mouth, activating the ingredients.  Floride is added to build enamel in your teeth as well.

Rembrandt is definitely known for their toothpastes, and the Intense Stain formula is no exception.  Obviously, this is a daily formula; but what is not known is that it removes tough stains and also has “micro-polishers” to gently polish the teeth while you brush.  A similar product is Rembrandt Plus Peroxide Fresh Mint Toothpaste, which uses a rapid release formula of peroxide to whiten teeth.  The Rembrandt Canker Sore Toothpaste also is gentle enough to provide effective teeth whitening while being gentle enough for those prone to canker sores.

Rembrandt products are found in many drugstores, grocery stores, and general stores, and also online at