With literally hundreds of gel/tray products on the market today, most of them require you to be conscious for the treatment.  If you fall asleep during treatment, your teeth will be whitened beyond a natural shade, may dehydrate, rebound, cause chemical burns, or any number of problems.  But now, there’s a way to whiten your teeth while you sleep!

So, the product is called Nite White ACP 22.  The active ingredient is carbamide peroxide, which does cause some tooth sensitivity.  Your best bet is to brush twice a day with desensitizing toothpaste for 3 weeks before you begin whitening your teeth.  There are some people that won’t be completely desensitized by toothpaste, it would be a good idea to see your dentist for that before you begin.  You also have to make sure that if you have cuts or scrapes on your gums are fully healed before you begin the process.

When you are certain that all sores or cuts have healed completely and you have used desensitizing toothpaste for three weeks, you can begin treatment.  First, brush thoroughly and floss your teeth.  Next, take out the trays that come with the Nite White package, and put a thin layer of the product into the tray.  It should be about 10-12 drops into the top and bottom trays total.  Next, press the trays firmly onto your teeth, making sure that not too much of the gel comes out of the tray.  Wipe off any excess from your gums with your finger.

Then, you just let them sit firmly on your teeth for 2-3 hours.  The wonderful thing about Nite White is that it loses 80% of it’s potency after 2 hours, meaning that even if you don’t hear the alarm, it won’t hurt your teeth much.

Finally, when you are finished, rinse your mouth out with cool water and rinse the trays with warm water.

For best results, repeat this process nightly for 7-10 days, with a touch up once or twice every six months.  Remember to keep the product out of direct sunlight.

In short, this is a great product, as long as you take necessary precautions to keep your teeth from becoming too sensitive.