Natural teeth whiteners are often better for your body and are great for your smile.  If a child needs to brighten his or her teeth, or if you are a pregnant or nursing woman, or even if you don’t like the idea of putting carbamide peroxide into your mouth, these suggestions might help you. There are plenty of suggestions to naturally whiten your teeth with foods and other products that you can find in your kitchen! Remember that not everyone’s teeth are the same and vary even more than the types of stains that can inflict your teeth with yellow splotches.

  1. Strawberries contain natural enzymes that act to clean teeth.  Simply by eating strawberries and chewing them well, your teeth can be cleaned. The enzymes in the strawberry are activated when they are crushed or ground up, so pureeing the strawberries before you eat them, or even brush your teeth with them do amazing things for your teeth! In fact, researchers have found that the best teeth whiteners are, indeed, fruit!
  2. Orange peels work as well to make your teeth shiny.  Just rub the inside of the peel across your teeth and your shine will be healthier. The inside of the peel acts as a gentle abrasive that is safe for teeth. I generally chew my orange peels, as unusual as it sounds, I picked that trick up from my mom who used to do that when she was sick. Orange peels are loaded with Vitamin C.
  3. A mixture of lemon juice and salt does your smile good; as well as putting baking soda on your tooth brush.
  4. Crunchy fruits and vegetables act as an abrasive agent, causing stains to vanish and plaque to be removed.
  5. Try gargling a mixture of rock salt and warm water at night. Use one teaspoon in an 8 oz glass of warm water.