Listerine was developed in the 1800s to sterilize ms now used as the one of the most widely purchased brand of mouthwash in the US today.  Use of Listerine has expaedical and surgical instruments.  It inded, and now also carries a line of teeth whiteners.

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The first is Listerine’s brand of teeth whitening strip, the Listerine Whitening Strip.  The Listerine Whitening Strip is rather effective, and shows full results in two weeks.  The difference between Listerine and many other whitening strips is that Listerine Whitening Strips dissolve in your mouth, eliminating any issues with the plastic breaking and sticking to your teeth.  They are virtually clear and will not pose any issues with performing routine activities.

Listerine also has a few mouthwashes that have whitening properties.  The Pre-Brush rinse requires that you rinse before brushing twice a day for the appropriate results.  It kills “bad breath germs” as well as whitens, and it also protects teeth when used daily.  The Listerine Whitening and Restoring uses both Hydrogen Peroxide and Floride.  The Hydrogen Peroxide is used to whiten teeth by removing stains, and the floride is used to build enamel, strengthening and protecting your teeth.  The Listerine Vibrant White formula fights plaque buildup, controls tartar to prevent stains, and “kills bad breath germs.”  All of this, plus, it has 4x the whitening power of regular toothpaste.  The downside is that it doesn’t taste or smell “minty fresh” like other mouthwashes do.  It is a little unusual that Listerine is brushed off as soon as it is applied in mouthwash form.

For targeting whitening power, while you’re on the go, Listerine also has a pen option.  The Listerine pens give you the power to target stains with the sponge tip of the pen, but also with the portability to fit the pen into a purse or a briefcase discreetly.