A vast majority of laser teeth whitening actually contains no laser, but actually falls under the category of “light activated teeth whitening”.  While these devices can come at a cost, they are effective in whitening your smile. Whether or not it is COST effective is another thing entirely, as it is usually more expensive than the alternative DIY in-home whiteners such as trays, strips, and pens; but if it is used too much, it may result in “overwhitening.”

There are some well known light activated or “laser” teeth whitening systems that use different types of lights and gases to whiten teeth.

  • BriteSmile ® – Gas plasma / light emitting diode.
  • Zoom! ™ – Metal halide light.
  • LaserSmile ™ – A Biolase ® laser
  • LumaCool ™ – Halogen light.
  • Sapphire ™ – Plasma arc light
  • Beyond ™ – Halogen light.
  • Rembrandt ® – Plasma arc light

laser teeth whitening

Zoom is a product that is often reviewed in terms of laser teeth whitening.  Zoom has a little bit more sensitivity in the system, allowing it to do a bit of a better job than BriteSmile.  In 2006, Zoom’s parent company actually purchased BriteSmile, but the product still is in drugstores. Both do a great job in brightening your smile and whitens like a charm.  If you are considering purchasing this device, consider the cost as well as how much you are going to use it.  Is it just for touch ups, or is it for a daily teeth whitening to make your mouth glow?

It would be more cost effective to use it for more than one person, however, if you intend to do this, remember to clean the device well before you pass it along. It may seem unusual to share teeth whitening treatments, but since there is no actual contact with the mouth, it may be a little better of an idea than it sounds.