A dentist’s office is generally a great place to get your teeth whitened.  More likely than not, you know he is going to use a good product and not cut corners when it comes to laser teeth whitening.  After all, not only is his reputation at stake, but his license is too.  When you think about it, you are paying not only for the materials, but also for a great smile as well.

However, the cost is a great deterrent to visiting the dentist for teeth whitening.  Many insurance plans regard this as cosmetic and will not pay for your visit.  The cost, which is often 100% out of pocket, can be as much as $2000.  Also, one’s natural fear of sitting back in the dentist’s chair with a light shined in one’s face for an hour can also be unnerving. Finally, it’s just a hassle to take time off of work or school to go to the dentist’s office for a whitening session. It may be just an hour or so, but it can really cut into your day if this is the only time available to have your teeth whitened.

That’s why there is another option: in-home laser teeth whitening.  While it is not for everyone, if it does work for you, then you can purchase a tool called Zoom or BriteSmile that uses light to activate the natural properties of your teeth to whiten them.  There are some issues with teeth sensitivity.

The two main competitors for at home light activated teeth whitener actually merged in 2006, when Zoom Laser System’s parent company bought Britesmile. However, Britesmile has continued to maintain a strong brand recognition, with Britesmile spas for teeth whitening.

If you have questions, your dentist may be able to take a look at your medical records and make suggestions about whether or not at-home teeth whitener is for you.  It could save you a bundle of money and hassle over going to the dentist’s office.