Once upon a time, in a land not-so far away, there were people with bad teeth. I could make a joke about England of the seventies, but rather, I will save my British friends some embarrassment and stick to fact that at home teeth whitening products used to be non-existent on the shelves of your local drugstore. They may have had toothpastes that claimed to whiten teeth, but those were a bit more expensive; the only way someone could get whiter teeth was to visit the dentist for some esoteric product that the dentist would charge a small fortune for.
Not anymore. Thanks to FDA approval of at-home teeth whitening, we now have ready access to Do-It-Yourself whiteners that can be done without a dentist. This has so revolutionized the practice of making your teeth white that some dentists offer deep discounts on, or even free initial treatments to draw new patients to his/her practice. You can even order free trial supplies and samples of such products as Extreme Whitener, TeethID Pro, and Idol White.
Of course, with ordering products or services on the internet, there is a danger of being scammed. There are unscrupulous business persons online that try to scam you out of your hard-earned money. This is why we started this site; to give you, our loyal readers who would like to see their teeth whiter, a fair and honest review of teeth whiteners on the internet and in the brick-and-mortar drugstore shelves. We would like to protect you from scams or faulty products and keep your mouth looking great with some of the best whiteners on the market.
The law in the United States says that when a person sells a product over the internet, they must put their terms and conditions on the site. This is of the utmost importance. If you do not see a link to the “Terms and Conditions” or “T&C” or anything else that would indicate the terms of your purchase. This is key to determining if the product is a scam or not. If they do not include their terms and conditions, DON’T give them your credit card information. Once you’ve found the information, check them out. It’s not exactly the most enjoyable reading in the world, but it will tell you, up front, everything you need to know.
Whitening your teeth with products online can be a great way of achieving a beautiful smile. Just be careful to whom you give your business. Check out more of the articles on this site, and you’ll find some incredible resources about the best way to whiten your smile and create a great impression with your teeth!