The bright whiteness of our teeth is affected by many things in our everyday environment. What you eat or drink has a significant effect on the shade of your teeth. For example, drinking coffee or tea can darken teeth over time as can often eating certain types of foods such as red grapes or curry dishes. In addition to regular brushing, there are things besides just avoiding drinks or food you enjoy that you can do to help whiten teeth and keep them bright. Regular flossing is one of those things, combined with good dental practices and care overall.

While there are many teeth whitening agents on the market today, as procedures performed in dentists’ offices as well as home remedies and over-the-counter kits, some people are not interested in the use of chemicals on their teeth or in their mouths. While there are many natural methods to whiten teeth, such as brushing with baking soda, a good dental hygiene plan can do the trick just as well. Preventative measures work just as well, probably even better than, measures of repair that come after the fact. A good dental hygiene plan includes good brushing habits and flossing. Flossing is a key step in keeping teeth white and looking their best.

Flossing is done in between the teeth, so how does it help whiten your smile when where the floss hits, nobody sees? By regularly flossing, you are ensuring the removal of any and all food particles that get stuck in the spaces between teeth. If these food particles are not washed away on a regular basis, bacteria grow and tooth decay sets in. When this happens, tooth discoloration results. In addition to getting rid of food particles, flossing the teeth also gets rid of plaque that forms on the teeth. The buildup of plaque forms tartar, which is cannot be brushed off but must be removed by a visit to the dentists’ office.

By visiting the dentists’ office on a regular basis, any buildup of plaque can be removed and the whiteness of your smile returned. However, this buildup can be prevented by a conscientious preventative dental care plan that includes regular, effective brushing of the teeth, good flossing habits that are performed often and routine visits to the dentist for teeth cleaning and checkups to catch any cavities early before they cause permanent damage. All of these things together will keep your teeth white and your smile sparkly.