Teeth Whitening Pens have hit the dental world by storm.  I found out about them at a Starbucks in Manhattan.  Several men and women were pulling pens out and writing on their teeth after their cup of joe.  This sparked my interest enough to inquire about what they were doing.   Noting a typical New Yorker, the response was something like this “Whitening my teeth, what does it look like I’m doing.”   I noticed that he was using a pen called Extreme Whitener.

After a little research online, I discovered that this extreme whitener product was quickly becoming the hottest thing in America.  I ordered a trial pen online for just $3.95 by using the promo code “smiles”, which enabled me to try it for just the shipping and handling cost.  I’ll admit that when I tried it I was a bit hesitant, however my suspension of skepticism came after the first application:

Customer support sent a tracking number in an email, and I received the pen in the mail in a few days.  I couldn’t have been more surprised by the results.  I’ve drank coffee all my life and have never been able to get the stains out, but this was the first product that I’ve tried that got my teeth to their natural white state.

It’s a small pen that fits into my briefcase when I go to work, and, just like the directions noted, I applied it for 30 seconds. Right there after I went to the bathroom mirror at work, expecting to feel let down. To my surprise, this product actually worked.  My teeth looked noticeably whiter after the first application of it.

Since then I religiously apply Extreme Whitener after every cup of coffee.   My colleagues at work took heed to the change in my looks, and wanted to know if I had lost weight. “No,” I tell them, “it’s something else and it’s my little secret. After a little more probing I eventually give up my source.

Before I ordered online I searched around and found a coupon that brought the price of a trial pen down to $3.95. The promo code is “smile.” I ordered my pen here.

Extreme Whitener Teeth Whitening Pen