When it comes to teeth whitening procedures, there are several options available to accomplish the goal to your satisfaction. Due to the popularity of whitening teeth these days, a sparkling white smile is but a dentist visit or over-the-counter treatment session or two away.  Over-the-counter kits can provide a quick fix, so to speak, that is much lower in cost than a procedure done in the dentist’s office. However, there are risks such as accidental tooth damage or overuse when using the do-it-yourself type teeth whitening kits.

Having a professional teeth whitening procedure done may cost more in the short term, but it is quite likely to be worth it long term. The procedure is a better one than those drugstore kits in that it is much safer and lasts longer. Once you decide to pursue getting a professional teeth whitening procedure done, there are several factors to consider before just calling up a dentist and scheduling an appointment. Just any dentist is not necessarily a cosmetic dentist, trained and well versed in the skills needed to perform cosmetic smile enhancing procedures.

Finding a bona fide, reputable cosmetic dentist is the first step to getting your teeth whitened professionally. Do your research. Ask around to friends and co workers and find out who has had cosmetic dental work done, what the cost was and if they were happy with the results. If so, then you can check into that cosmetic dentist on their recommendation to see if they are what you want. Find out how long the prospective dentist has been in business, specifically how long he or she has been performing cosmetic dentistry procedures. Ask to see before and after pictures, all reputable cosmetic dentists have before and after pictures of their handwork. After all, their work is their best advertising tool.

Once you have decided on a cosmetic dentist to ask further questions of and you have learned how experienced they are in the enhancement procedures, there are a few more things to ask before making your appointment for the teeth whitening procedure. It is a good idea to find out what specific cosmetic dentistry procedures the prospective dentist has experience with. Some focus on teeth whitening while others focus on other aesthetic dental procedures. You want to be sure to get someone that is well versed in the most up to date technology in teeth whitening procedures to ensure you are happy with the results.